Peak performance

Helping Teenagers Choose Career and Avoid Known Pitfalls,
Insights for Parents/Guardians.

The Single Biggest Mistake Teenagers Make That Prevents Them Selecting 

Their Correct Career Path and How Parents Can Support in Avoiding It

A Must-attend for Parents Of Transition/5th/6th Year Students!
Not having clarity on what comes next causes huge amounts of frustration among teenagers and is demotivating. This 1-hour talk is devised to further empower Parents/Guardians of teenagers that may be currently contemplating their future career path to get more involved in this process by providing among others powerful questions to ask and a different perspective on the topic. It will provide fantastic insights into how Parents/Guardians can partner with their teenager in making the right decision for them and also highlight what teenage career Coach Brendan Franks of Peak Performance has seen time and time again as the biggest mistake teenagers are making at this crucial time and how this can be avoided.

During this Webinar you will discover

The single biggest mistake
teenagers are making

How parents can support
them in avoiding it

Practical steps parents
can take during
this process

The true cost of
the wrong decision

A structured approach
to making this decision

Powerful questions
parents can ask




6:00pm GMT on Zoom


1 Hour


No Charge

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Brendan Franks

As a career coach Brendan has worked with many teenagers to help them figure out what he didn’t until he was 35 – what “Purpose” really means and how to explore it and hence set yourself up for success in life. He has helped countless numbers of teenagers explore WHO they are by helping them understand their life traits, themes, interests and preferences and how all of this fits together. Once the WHO is understood suddenly the WHAT becomes a much easier question to answer. He has shared his insights with hundreds of parents so that they can help their sons/daughters overcome this challenging question of the right career path.

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