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An Exclusive MASTERCLASS in Rebuilding & Growing Your Pilates Business

A Masterclass in Generating Leads, Closing Sales And Making 

More Money With Your Pilates Business

Since 2018 ServiceYourBody has gone from strength to strength and from 1 to 3 Pilates studios (including opening one during a pandemic!) while tripling revenue. Whether you are in the process of rebuilding your business (bricks & mortar or virtual), considering starting your first business/opening a studio or want to get your existing business(s) to another level this masterclass is perfect for you and will provide you with proven ways to increase your revenue and profits and provide indepth, behind the scenes, details as to how ServiceYourBody became so successful. 

Most Pilates business owners are completely unaware that there are simple, easy-to-implement cost-free strategies they can be using right now to not only stabilise revenue but to see HUGE increases in their leads, sales and income. Together, in this masterclass we will be sharing what has worked for ServiceYourBody and translating these learnings so that they will work for your business also.

You are GUARANTEED to walk away with IMMEDIATELY ACTIONABLE methods that will increase your revenue and profits TODAY WITHOUT spending a cent on marketing or advertising. A must attend for any Pilates business owner who is serious about growing their business and wants highly impactful methods to increase their success.

During this Webinar you will discover

A 5-Step Profit Formula
for maximising profit within
your Pilatesbusiness

How to increase your
current lead flow

Significantly increase
your current sales volume

Simple easy-to-implement,
no-cost strategies that
instantly add cash flow

What you need to be doing right now to
rebuild and effectively market
on the internet

A 4-Step Marketing Formulae that guarantees results online or offline




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2 Hours


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Brendan Franks

Following a hugely successful corporate career Brendan decided to take a leap of faith and setup Peak Performance, a business coaching company specialising in helping small business owners build profitable, scalable and successful businesses while allowing them take control of their time, money and freedom. 
Since 2018, he has been working directly with Andy of ServiceYourBody to help drive growth and profitbility within the business by bringing and helping implement proven business growth strategies that have worked with other business owners and in many other sectors. The advice he would give Pilates business owners is that now is the time to expand your thinking beyond what is commonplace within the sector – to survive you need to innovate and look outside your industry for new ideas.   


Andy Tully

Andy Tully (as seen on TV3′ ELAINE Show) is the proud owner of He has been running his Irish Physio and Pilates company since 2010 and from starting out as a sole trader in a small clinic in Dublin has grown the business to now have 3 fantastic studios and a thriving Physio clinic with more plans in the pipeline for 2021 and beyond. He denotes much of his success simply down to hard work. 
In 2018, he decided to bring in Peak Performance to help drive the business forward and says he hasn’t looked back – “I never had a business partner per se but I have really benefited from working with Brendan in a coaching capacity. We have both learnt so much about expanding a Pilates business”