Peak performance

Financial Misconceptions Costing Small Business €000s

Could Your Business be Negatively Impacted From Not Knowing 

About These Financial Misunderstandings?

During this Webinar you will discover

Join Peak Performance as we explore with practical, easy to understand examples some of the 

financial misconceptions that exist within small businesses 

and the impact this is having on their bottom line.

A 5-Step Profit Formula for
maximising profit within
you small business

The Cumulative Impact
of focusing your attention
in the right areas

The REAL cost of your marketing
and how to measure ROI
and whymarketing is often the last place
we go to to grow a business!

The catastrophic impact discounting
may be having on your profits and
how to get around this,

Proven go-to areas to
save your business money.

and a few additional surprises 😉


November 12th, 2020


10am EST


1 Hour



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Brendan Franks

Following a hugely successful corporate career Brendan  decided to take a leap of faith and setup Peak Performance, a  business coaching company specialising in helping small business  owners build profitable, scalable and successful businesses while  allowing them take control of their time, money and freedom.