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How Understanding Tony Robbin’s Comeback Challenge Will Add a Minimum of €50K To Your Small Business In The Next 6 Months

Grow Your Small Business by Translating Tony’s Approach.

In his June 2020 Comeback Challenge Tony Robbins signed up more that 400k leads in a matter of weeks and generated millions in revenue. So how did he do it??. We’ve dissected his tactics and translated them so that every small business owner can immediately start implementing them in their business. We can’t guarantee Tony’s results 😊 but we can certainly show you a roadmap to a minimum of €50k in additional revenue the next 6 months. This training is not about Tony (so it’s irrelevant how much you love him or otherwise); this is about learning what he has taught us all about growing our small businesses. We’re excited about this one!!

During this Webinar you will discover

Tony’s #1 secret to
generating leads

6 strategies Tony used
to generate millions

How small businesses can
immediately start replicating
what Tony did

How these strategies will
pay off both short-term
and long-term

Simple tactics to add
value to your offering

Why Tony’s marketing
was so impactful


Oct 21st 2020


12pm (GMT)


1.5 Hour



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Brendan Franks

Following a hugely successful corporate career Brendan decided to take a leap of faith and setup Peak Performance, a  business coaching company specialising in helping small business owners build profitable, scalable and successful businesses while allowing them take control of their time, money and freedom. For many years now he has been vigorously watching what successful businesses (large or small) are doing and translating their approaches into actionable steps his clients can take to improve their businesses.