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Have you ever looked in the mirror and said to yourself?
“I thought my life would be different”

Let me tell you something from experience; you are not alone and let me tell you something else; you deserve not to feel like this. Many people reach a time in their lives when they feel unfulfilled with where they are currently. Wanting to get to a better place is all that counts and here you will find the support you need to empower you to get there. You have only one shot at this life so let’s start your new journey.
“We are all leaders whether we choose to accept it or not…at the most fundamental level we are leaders of our own lives”
Brendan Franks
“Success in life is putting ourselves in positions to do the things that make us happiest with the people that matter most”
Brendan Franks

What difference would it make to your life to?

  • Have honest, focused conversations on what you really want
  • Identify pathways to overcoming the challenges you are facing
  • Figure out a new way of showing up in your life that meets your needs
  • Discover your strengths and how to use these to your success

Leadership is choosing to make decisions that are right for you and for your success. A partnership will help you with this process. If you have a personal goal you would like to achieve or want a change in your life then let’s have a discussion and see how best to proceed.

To Expect?

Clients Say

After spending 24 years in my career and age 40 I found myself at a crossroad. I was recommended to meet with Brendan to ensure I followed the best path for me. Through his in- depth consultation process Brendan helped me recognise how to align my strengths and abilities with my future career choice. I found Brendan extremely professional, supportive, encouraging and most importantly very easy to talk to.  The out put is that I am now in the process of enrolling in a degree course which will lead into my exciting future career. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and work under Brendan’s guidance to bring me to where I am today after struggling to make a decision for so long.
I found the coaching sessions with Brendan to be very helpful and of great benefit. Over the course of our sessions, we discussed short and long term goals and obstacles. Brendan’s approach to discourse was very engaging and I felt it naturally helped bring out the “answers” from myself. The interesting thing was that Brendan doesn’t give you the solution, rather he facilitates you getting to the answer yourself. Very powerful stuff.
All I can say is that the were a game changer for me. I went from being completely lost career-wise to finding out what I was passionate about. I have found room in my company to work on an amazing project, that also gives back to the community. Thank you so much for your mentoring, I'm in a much better place now!
I have found the experience to be very positive. Anything that we discussed was dealt in a professional, confidential and friendly manner. I benefited hugely from the experience and would encourage anyone to work with Brendan
Brendan provided me with a number of invaluable insights during a key juncture in my career. I was able to use the momentum I gained from working with him and take my next career step. His motivational style brought out the best in me and I could not recommend him strongly enough
Patrick Flavin

First Step

We would be delighted to discuss with you the future you are seeking and if we can assist you in getting there.

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